Held In A Twisted Cell

by Old Hope

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released July 5, 2017

James Macneil - Drums
Thomas Gibson - Guitars, Vocals

Instruments recorded by Old Hope at the Rehearsal Factory
Vocals recorded by Tim Bastmeyer in Uxbridge ON.
Mixed by Thomas Gibson and Josh Gillard
Artwork by Thomas Gibson
Logo by Will Bustin



all rights reserved


Old Hope Toronto, Ontario

Thomas Gibson - Guitars, Vocals

James Macneil - Drums

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Track Name: The Seeds Of Revenge
Displaced into an open wound
Disabled witnesses pass without trial
Sand slips out of your cherished stones
To cover earth in an ocean of bone

Energy open my eyes to the longest believers
Energy open my eyes, teach me more now than I have been taught.

Follow the march of the growing dead
Last of our kind beholden to memory
Honour held in a twisted cell
To die of thirst in a fountain of wealth

Energy open my eyes to the longest believers
Energy open my eyes past the shapes and the gears of design
Energy open my eyes to the swan song revulsion
Energy open my eyes, and feed me the seeds of revenge

Bastards rise
Degraded, erased, freed and forgotten.
Harlots climb
Chained to a concept and dragged into hell

Choke under the plague of the ancients
Sent from an unraveling past to find the source of the ruins ahead
Led by the land of the dead
Track Name: Under The Many Moons Above
I've passed a time I knew for useless
Into a visceral carpentry of mind
Cold hands reach out and a living mirror calls my name
A figure steps from in and out the glass
Charred bone and cloth from ages old and lost.
Laughter rings out, from the head of a jackal grinning long

"Gaze into wasted time. You've only left the only life you ever had behind."
Piercing through with lifeless eyes
"The last one will return to end your reign"

I cast aside this sickly vision tired
Jackals lead on.
Let the past burn in exalted light
Madness take hold,
On a far stretch of that sound oblivion

Shapes and forms that shift and phase
Indivisive land or sea
With the old world burning on a wire I take a rapid glance at my surroundings.
Other souls, a pulsing march of seekers
These are Gods? Are we lost?

"Lay down under the many moons above
Lay down in this place of a yet to come"

The jackal rips and tares my eyes commanding force and senses blind and ripping into weakened flesh he's pulling out and tearing in and gazing in his eyes I see all the better parts that I'll never get back.

Alone and completely surrounded
Alone as discreetly separate
A turn at last to part the veil that's shrouded a soul in perfect isolation.
Track Name: Capitulated Loss
Every prejudice you breathe
Sends a wave that gently crashes
Against an answer that could save
Threads a needle through the effigy
Puts the machete in its hands
Drowns a hope, burns a genesis
Butterfly Segregation

Cause and effect

Defined and medicated minds
Erase the threat and smother out our ember
Put our lives at ease to own a natural course
Then a shock occurs to rattle routine apathy

Cause and effect

Comfort provided in our distractions
I can't retain because I've lost the reasons
Suffering locked in competition
I can't react and don't remember trying
A promise spit against the wind
To a hand enforcing ownership
Concept nurturing a concept reigning over concepts bludgeoning a concept

Fire spills from our own hands
And lands upon the backs of children
Lies occupy the senses overriding instincts keeps providing funds
History packaged as a myth
glossed and warped to provide your entertainment

Capitulated loss
To the poisoned inner workings of the self
Set us free from these hypnotizing saints
Don't wash the blood that has coated all our senses

The pounding of the drums
From the minds that rattled precious balanced plans
Beyond their coil, that can't be buried true
A wave and not a drop, a senses spirit true

The distance closes off
In between the precious sparks that bare our nature
We are more then brittle words and carpet bombings
Hide a name and watch their eyes wide search in panic

consensuses of all theory
The vertebra of lust aligned in decimation of the truest name

The threat outweighs the feeling
This safety of identity deprives us of true knowledge
Show me my failure
Teach me my hate that I may finally awake.